Coffee for Quality Productive Work and Health Benefits

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Coffee for Quality Productive Work and Health Benefits

Coffee has become the essential drink for dreamers and doers. It gets people extra motivated to get things done at a fast and efficient pace. This magical drink does not only help with production, but includes other benefits like intelligence, drive and even health. Coffee has many great extras that come with it’s great taste.
For many years coffee has been assumed the cause of ills in humanity that ranges from most common killers like cancer, heart diseases and addiction but research has shown coffee is very healthy and beneficial in work productivity. Coffee has many nutrients and antioxidants that can help improve your health.
Some of the benefits of coffee includes; increasing energy levels and keeps the body active, caffeine naturally facilitates fat burning by increasing metabolic rates, it also improves adrenaline levels and stimulates the nervous systems thus improved physical performance.
In addition, coffee has many body nutrients that includes magnesium, potassium,vitamin B2 & B5, lowers risks of type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and 80% reduction of liver cirrhosis risks. Coffee can make you happier by fighting depression, thus reducing risks of stress causing heart diseases and stroke. Therefore coffee can make you live longer and healthy.
There are scientific links between the benefits of coffee and improved work productivity. It keeps one alert and energy refueling the whole day in work, it increases mind creativity and improves learning of new things as it increases information retention. Why do you think there are coffee places all over college campuses like ours up at the University of Utah? Coffee is beneficial to many students and employees that need the extra boost to get their work done.
So if you’re in the need of a good cup of joe, specialty drinks, or something else to get you through the day, we at Brews on 7th are here for you!

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